✦ How to Regain Your Energy, Balance Your Moods and Restore Your Health ✦

Welcome to The most complete functional nutrition and lifestyle course designed to help you balance your low energy and moods, that will guide you to start using tools you already have at your fingertips; to revolutionize your health and help you get to the root causes of your symptoms using food instead of medicine. 

In this course you will go from feeling fatigued and frustrated with your energy, mood and sleep to feeling energized and balanced without having to count calories or follow another diet fad.

Count me in!

Before I Tell You All About This Life-Changing Program, Let’s Talk About Who This Is Really For…

You’re a woman with dreams and goals and a zest for life. You’re active and passionate about living life to the fullest; your life as you knew it, came to a halt due to non-specific health symptoms your doctors are calling “normal during the aging process”. You’re tired of feeling tired, anxious, depressed, in pain and unable to “pull it together”; you don’t want to be medicated and you just want to participate in the normal activities you used to enjoy with friends and family.

Whether You’re…

✦ A woman with a busy life to live, whose energy is tapped out before the day even starts, relying on sugar and caffeine to get going and looking for answers to your unexplainable health issues …

✦ A woman going through menopause who has been struggling with gut issues, hormonal imbalance, non-specific symptoms and weight loss resistance after trying every diet under the sun.. or

✦ A post-menopausal woman who has been suffocating in hot flashes and feels like she’s tired of trying every doctor, diet and hormone therapy and wishes she could just get to sleep and stay asleep… OR a combination of all three…

You’re in the right place and I’m going to tell you exactly how “From Fatigued to Fabulous™“ will give you the tools, inspiration and unparalleled support on your journey to regaining your energy, balancing your moods and restoring your health, using food instead of medicine. 

By the end of this program,
you will have: 

  • Learned how to balance your blood sugar to support your energy and reverse blood sugar crashes and cravings
  • Added nutrient-dense food to your eating plan, rather than going on a diet or counting calories
  • Adopted a simple and efficient framework to plan and eat nourishing meals, no matter where you find yourself; at the office, on a trip or out with friends
  • Acquired tools and ways to calm the nervous system in order to restore peace and get to heal and growth mode, no matter what ails you
  • Used different tools to balance your gut symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, constipation and pain, using food, targeted supplements, herbs and energy patches, as needed
  • Discovered the connection between blood sugar and energy balance, sleep and moods to benefit your health
  • Used the connection between toxins and body symptoms to finally shift your health toward healing


Oh my goodness!! It was so good. It opened my eyes to so many things to improve my health. I am doing a lot of things already but there were so much more that I did not know. So many things I want to add into my life. 

Her program is how to get healthy and feel your best. A side benefit is I lost a couple of pounds and I am looking forward to losing more. It just opened up my eyes to a lot of things I did not know. I would highly recommend this program!! It was so informative!!


 “When I started the course my fasting blood sugar was at 126. I was pre-diabetic and on the way to full blown diabetic. 

After the course my blood sugar went down to 93. My doctor was blown away!”

Module 1: REVERSE

Change Your Breakfast / Change Your Life: A Unique Way to Reverse Sugar Cravings and Low Energy Crashes


 Replenish Your Body To Include A Nutrient-Dense Plant Focused Eating Plan

Module 3: REPAIR

 Digestive Health: The Key to Improving Inflammation

Module 4: RESTORE

Calming the Nervous System: Restore Peace and Heal

Module 5: RENEW

Blood Sugar Balance And The Sleep Connection: How To Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Module 6: REPLACE

Toxins and Your Environment: The Connection Between Toxin Exposure and Weight Balance

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Let me say this upfront. 

From Fatigued to Fabulous™ is the most complete and unique program using the functional nutrition approach for women who are looking to transform their health from the inside out using food as medicine. This is for women who are COMMITTED AND EXCITED to take their health to the next level; not only now but for the rest of their lives. This is a transformational program that will affect those people around you.

Our community is highly motivated and filled with a desire to help people, support each other and motivate those around us. When you join this group, you’ll be joining a special group of people. 

Now, here’s the kicker.

Due to the deep discount you're receiving when purchasing this product, there will be NO REFUNDS issued once you have purchased "From Fatigued to Fabulous".

My commitment to you is that you will receive more than you expect. You will own this course and will receive free updates for life. This course is what you have been waiting for; it is the key to unlocking wellness for yourself. 

Limited time ONLY!


Buy now and SAVE $100 of the original price of $497!

  • "The Brain Fog Ebook", an ebook that helps you understand the connection between fatigue and your food and environment. It explains why you feel fatigue and how you can go about restoring your energy. 
  • Functional Labs wish list to take to your next doctor's visit. Most doctors don't order the labs you need in orde to get to the root causes of your dysfunction.  This list is going to help you take your health into your own hands. 
  • "Functional Labs Cheat Sheet" will help you finally understand how your lab results translate into health information. You will learn how to track your own labs, so you can ask better questions and begin to participate in your own health transformation.

Limited time ONLY!


Buy now and SAVE $100 of the original price of $497!

  • A 30 day seat in the “Nourishing Meals” Meal Planning app. "Nourishing Meals" will help you plan your meals for a month, according to your dietary specifications, helping you build a shopping list you can use anytime. Recipes are downloadable and printable so you can create your own cookbook

  • One hour session with Monica post course to discuss your health journey and possible next steps

  • AND...you're already saving $49 when you choose this payment option


Still “thinking about it”?

You should give From Fatigued to Fabulous™ a shot if you’re motivated by any of the following:

➢ You want your life back…like…

Really badly

➢ Whether you’re struggling with staying awake during the day and sleeping well at night, while fighting low moods and blood sugar crashes, knowing that your life is passing you by and that there must be a better way. You know your life is right there…for the taking…

➢ You have one or more physical conditions like exhaustion, trouble sleeping at night, inability to focus, stomach discomfort, weight gain, elevated blood sugar or unexplained pain

➢ Your doctors keep telling you there is nothing wrong with you, yet you remember a time when you felt ready to take on the world and that is a distant memory for you. Perhaps you feel there is no way to get back to feeling that great again

➢ You’re wanting to get to the root causes of your problems and you know there is a solution out there that does not have to include pharmaceuticals.

➢ More importantly, you don’t want to spend the rest of your best years saying “no” to outings with friends, social situations and your loved ones, just because you can’t muster the energy to enjoy the activities you used to enjoy..

➢ This is why you’re motivated to take a few hours in the next few weeks to learn to listen to your body, to get back to feeling balanced, in control; to wake up refreshed and energized, ready to take on your life BACK. You know transformation is possible! It is within your grasp!


"Working with Monica taught me to choose foods using the 'protein, fiber, fat' mantra. I learned to be more conscious about the way I grocery shop and focus on nutrient dense foods. Following the program, I love that Monica continues to be accessible when I have questions from food brands to supplements, etc. She never hesitates to take my calls, offering new knowledge and continues to support what I am already doing well, like my exercise choices. Best part? Losing the weight that I had hoped to lose."


Monica's knowledge in the field of health and nutrition is extensive; this is a fact. The more important part of this course is how she educates her clients. The information is presented kindly, questions answered on whatever level the client needs. For me, it was many reminders of things I know but don't always do. There was much I learned from the course as well. Monica is an amazing educator and has so much to offer anyone who is wanting to make positive changes in their life. She has opened my eyes to so much and I'm extremely grateful to have her in my life. Thank you Monica for all you do and for sharing a way to live a healthy life through nutrition.

I cannot wait for you to experience the transformation awaiting you over these next six weeks…

Functional nutrition has literally and completely transformed MY life.

I’ve experienced what it’s like to live a half-life, anxious, depressed, fatigued, lacking joy, and completely overwhelmed by the smallest tasks, to feeling healthy, balanced, joyful, and eager to show others there’s a better way to live. 

This is my passion. I didn’t know there was a way out of the misery I lived with and today I want to shout it from the rooftops: You can transform your life today!! You don’t have to struggle with stomach disorders, fatigue, and low energy. You can have your life back. 

If you are suffering from symptoms your doctors cannot find a name for, you’ve found your people! You owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free plunge to see what your transformed life could look like. Consider that everything valuable in your life is built upon the presupposition of your functional health. Isn’t it worth your time and effort to get that foundation right?

You'll experience firsthand the joy of a healthy, pain-free body achieved gradually and naturally and experience your loved ones benefiting from that joy and your newfound energy. 

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I can tell you the next few weeks will be LIFE-CHANGING for you and those closest to you. This is something you can do!

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From “Fatigued to Fabulous™ is for people looking for an opportunity to consider a holistic, functional nutrition approach to support healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes. “From Fatigued to Fabulous” is for educational purposes only and does NOT constitute specific medical advice, as this is not a medical education company. 

No implied or explicit guarantees are made on the education provided. Always check with your personal physician when embarking on a health program. 

Supplements and nutritional supplements may interact with prescribed medications. It is important that you do NOT start or stop any prescription medications, vitamins or supplements without talking to your primary care physician first.

All of the products mentioned in “From Fatigued to Fabulous™ have been scientifically tested by their manufacturers and independently reviewed for quality by third parties who are qualified to do so. Any questions or comments should be addressed to them directly. 

By enrolling in “From Fatigued to Fabulous™" you understand and accept the above statements.

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